Spam Allstars Courtesy of Melanie Masterson, Spam Allstars. Photo is a promotional shot of Spam Allstars with instruments.

Spam Allstars brings together a diverse team of musicians whose range of styles combine to create an irresistible sound. Since 1995, the group has reimagined traditional Latin genres in a funk and hip-hop infused electronic space they call “electronic descarga.” The term “descarga” refers to Latin jazz jam sessions in 1950s Havana. It is an apt description for a band based in the organic process of improvisation.

The group’s founder, Andrew Yeomanson (aka DJ Le Spam), embraces multicultural musical experimentation as a reflection of his life experiences. Born in Montreal of Venezuelan and British heritage, he was raised in Bogota, London and Tampa before settling in Miami in 1990. He started his career as a DJ for live events while touring as a guitar player on the side. What began as a series of open-ended jam sessions with various musicians coalesced into the core lineup of Spam Allstars. That lineup went on to produce six critically acclaimed records.

Spam Allstars enjoys a reputation as a truly local band in Miami for their work with independent record labels as well as their regular performances at local venues. The group first gained a following in 2001 by giving weekly concerts at the Hoy Como Ayer club in Little Havana. Their performances attracted so much attention that the band started touring nationwide the following year, performing at more than 200 locations annually. The band became something of a cultural institution for the city of Miami.

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