Renesito Avich Photo by Max Kelly. Photo of Renesito posing with his tres guitar.

Renesito Avich is a virtuoso tres guitar player and one-man Cuban band. He was born in Santiago de Cuba and pursued his musical education at the University of the Arts in Havana. At the age of 15, while still living in Cuba, Avich began performing with the 17-member salsa big band Elito Revé y su Charangón. This group toured across South America and Europe. He moved to Sarasota, Florida, in 2014, where he still resides. His primary instrument remains the tres guitar, which is the national instrument of Cuba. It is named “tres” (three) because it contains three pairs of strings, for a total of six strings. 

Renesito is a one-man band. This means he records each instrumental part with a looper pedal. A looper pedal creates a layered instrumental track over which he sings and plays tres guitar. He has served as the 2018 Folklife Artist-in-Residence for the Florida Folklife Program and Florida State University Center for Music of the Americas. During this residency, he performed several concerts and masterclasses in Tallahassee, Florida, several of which took place at the Florida State University and Mission San Luis. 

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