Noble "Thin Man" Watts

Noble "Thin Man" Watts served his time as a very popular R&B and jazz saxophonist. Born in Deland, Florida in 1926, he remained in the state throughout his studies, eventually attending FAMU in Tallahassee. After attending University, he decided to jump into the professional music scene immediately to great success. He quickly progressed into fame with a performance and recording career beginning in 1954, gaining opportunity playing with the likes of a Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and other greats. His discography includes a collaboration with Florida blues trumpet great Nat Adderley on a record titled Noble and Nat (1990). As his career progressed, he later performed in house bands and lounge music, remaining in Florida until passing away in 2004.

An annual Thin Man Watts Jazz Festival is held every October in DeLand dedicated in his honor. This festival encompasses the jazz, gospel and blues scene of Central Florida, with more information available at

Point of Interest

Noble Watts was born in Deland, and he returned to the area after his successful music career. Today, the annual Noble "Thin Man" Watts Festival celebrates the life and music of Noble Watts.