Jessi Campo Courtesy of Jessica Alvarez, Javi Productions. Photo is a promotional shot of Jessi Campo.

Jessi Campo

Jessi Campo was born in New York City to a musical family. Her parents, Giovanni and Nina Campo, performed with well-known artists such as Tito Puente and Péres Prado. Inspired to pursue a musical career, Campo began writing songs at the age of 12 and was soon performing as a bilingual singer/songwriter. Variously compared to La Lupe, Natalie Cole and Etta James, her voice elicits a distinctive blend of vintage jazz, blues, popular and Latin soul styles. Campo performs extensively in South Florida and tours internationally.

In 2016 Campo turned to her Cuban roots with La Pasión de la Lupe, a tribute album to the great Cuban singer La Lupe (Lupe Victoria Yolí Raymond). With fresh takes on La Lupe’s classic boleros like “Que Te Pedi” and “La Tirana,” the album also features Campo’s original tribute to her father, “Vivio la Vida,” which tells the story of how he left Cuba to pursue a musical career in the United States. The album brings together Jose D. Velazquez as arranger and Tito Puente, Jr. as co-producer. For Campo, the album offers an opportunity to revisit the life of a singer whose career peaked all too early. By highlighting La Lupe’s artistic achievements, Campo hopes to empower a new generation of young women.

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