Catalyna Photo courtesy of Catalyna Music. Photo is a promotional photo of Catalyna

Catalyna (Catalina Noemí García Rodríguez) is one of the most successful up-and-coming female artists in Central Florida’s Latin music scene. Born in Puerto Rico, the singer/songwriter grew up in Orlando where she began promoting her own music on social media as a teenager. Her work earned her an international fan base and garnered the attention of reggaeton artist and producer Yandel, who in 2016 signed her to his label, Y Entertainment, as its first female artist.

Since then, Catalyna has recorded several international hit singles. Her style represents the growing popularity of Latin trap, which combines the urban Latin genre of reggaeton with Southern American hip-hop known as trap. Unlike reggaeton, which forefronts Latin-Caribbean rhythms, Catalyna’s music adopts the slow keyboard loops and synthesized beats that characterize Southern hip-hop.

The new generation of young Latin trap artists glide comfortably between sung and rapped lines within a single track, with lyrics centered on gritty and hard-hitting subject matter. The genre has become an undeniable force in the Latin music industry and youth culture, despite its hesitant reception on traditional radio. True to form, Catalyna promoted her 2018 hit “Mirame” to a growing international fanbase exclusively through online platforms. The song’s music video features Catalyna singing in a mixture of English and Spanish with cutaways to the streets of Miami. The video embraces imagery of American trap while showcasing the city as a center for Latin urban music and culture.